When will climate activists target China?

The Guardian reported:

Almost all countries are contributing to the rise, with emissions in up 4.7%, in the US by 2.5% and in India by 6.3% in 2018. The EU’s emissions are near flat, but this follows a decade of strong falls.

So let’s look at this in absolute terms.

  • China growth is 12,700 x 4.7% = 597 Mt
  • US growth is 6,570 x 2.5% = 164 Mt
  • India growth is 2,870 x 6.3% = 181 Mt

By comparison NZ is around 75 Mt so the growth last year in China is around eight times our total emissions.

And is China slowing down? An energy report noted:

China’s national oil companies (NOCs) will be the fourth highest upstream investors in Africa over the next five years, says GlobalData, China’s NOCs are increasingly investing in Africa to secure oil supplies to help feed surging domestic energy demand. As a result, their development and production capital expenditure (capex) in Africa’s upstream sector is forecast to be the fourth highest between 2019 and 2023

So why do climate activists always ignore China? Unless China reduces emissions, or at least stabilizes them, then the efforts of the rest of the world will count for little.

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