A light manslaughter sentence

An interesting case of manslaughter when Conrad Gray got 25 months for manslaughter. He has parole eligibility after just nine months, so seems a light sentence.

The manslaughter was he pushed the victim to the ground in an altercation and the victim hit his head on a pole and died of a brain bleed and skull fracture.

If one takes just the shove, then a light sentence is arguably appropriate but when you look at all the other circumstances, to me it seems light. They are:

  • He left the unconscious victim alone
  • He tried to create a fake alibi and lied to the Police
  • He has 61 previous convictions and 34 sentences of imprisonment.
  • The offence occurred while he was on bail

The previous offending and offending while on bail got an uplift of just three months. I would have thought 61 previous convictions would count for more than that.

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