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The Herald reports:

The Green Party has caused outrage among its members by publishing an article criticising the party’s push for trans rights in its official magazine.
The article, written by long-time Green Party member Jill Abigail, appeared in the latest edition of party publication Te Awa and said some “older feminists” within the party were concerned the party was putting gender identity over the rights of biological women.
Abigail was particularly critical of MP Jan Logie’s comments in a previous issue that: “We continue to push for progress on LGBTQI+ freedoms, and resist the backlash that’s trying to undermine our trans and gender diverse whanau and roll back their hard-won rights”.
“I am a lesbian, supposedly under their umbrella, but I am part of the backlash,” Abigail wrote.

She said while trans people were vulnerable and “justly” claiming their right to equal treatment, the free speech of those who opposed “male-bodied trans women” entering “female-only spaces” was being shut down with accusations of hate speech.
The article was taken down after a about week, following a series of complaints by members.

Doesn’t this prove the very point Abigail was making?

Once upon a time if you disagreed with an opinion column in a political newsletter or magazine, you’d write a response to it and ask that to be published also. It was known as a debate.

Today the aim isn’t to respond, but to stop any views you disagree with being published at all.


Many signatures on an open letter to the Green Party leadership protesting that Abigail’s letter was censored and deleted. The common theme seems to be the letter was very moderate and well reasoned and on a topic that should be able to be debated. Quite a few well known iconic feminist names such as Alison Laurie.

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