Here’s our Deputy PM answering a question

Matt Nippert asks Winston Peters if would accept a donation from a Chinese billionaire:

MN: So, to the best of your knowledge, New Zealand First have not talked with Lang about him donating? Is that what you’re saying? 
WP: [Pause] Well, look, if a member of my party was at the racecourse one day, interpreted a conversation with him it’s quite possible. But to the best of my knowledge the course on which you’re going at the moment is fruitless: We have not received any money from the Wolf, as I know him as. 
MN: I guess the outstanding question remains is: If this donation were offered by him, would you accept it? 
WP: An outstanding question? Who do you think you’re talking to? You’re going to have a hypothetical, and put it to me as an outstanding question? Bulldust mate. Where do you get off? Where do you get off with that arrogant attitude? “The question remains”. For you? 
MN: He says he’s considering donating to NZ First. Would you accept the donation? It’s pretty simple. 
WP: You’re going to slide mate, from facts to bullshit. Right? You’re not going to be able to slide from facts, with a modicum of detail, to flat-out bullshit and speculation. 
MN: So you would take the money? Or you wouldn’t? 
WP: Get a brain mate. That’s not the alternative answer, is it? 
MN: It’s a very straightforward question, Winston. 
WP: It’s not a straightforward question. It’s some silly, smart-arse question by somebody who should know a whole lot better. 
MN: I’m just trying to figure out where this is going. 
WP: It’s not going anywhere, because it started nowhere. It’s built on the premise you’re going to write an article, based on nothing. Because you’ve got a charade of details you’re going to put out there. That’s what it’s based on. 
MN: It’s based on Mr Lang telling me he was planning to donate to you. 
WP: Good god, what a flimsy peg you’re trying to hang your story on. God. 
MN: Well, I’ll flick it to my editors and see if they agree with me. 
WP: They probably will, the bloody morons. 
MN: Winston, are you hanging up on me? 

I think this was Winston’s way of saying of course he’d take the donation.