How come Helen didn’t mention this in 2008?

Stuff reports:

Helen Clark has come out strongly for “yes” in next year’s cannabis referendum, and says she would have moved on cannabis herself if elected to a fourth term.

Really? How come she never mentioned this in 2008 when campaigning for a fourth term?

The former prime minister’s new think tank released a report on Tuesday evening making a strong case for cannabis legalisation.

The report is a good one, which I broadly agree with. They recommend:

  • Legislate for the regulation of, and access to, a legal cannabis market. Models from both Uruguay and North America should be seriously studied.
  • Develop a structure for a legal market which prevents and/or discourages the emergence of large, commercial, for-profit cannabis producers and retailers
  • Expunge prior minor cannabis offences from the record, and also remove past convictions for supply where there was no compounding factor associated with the conviction, such as firearm use or violence.

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