Officially a broken promise

Bryce Edwards writes:

Back in 2017, people were angry that the previous government had allowed housing to become so unaffordable, and they were therefore willing to give the top jobs to politicians who were promising to fix this and other social problems.
Labour, in particular, won votes on their specific promise to build 100,000 affordable homes.
It’s now officially a broken promise.
Housing Minister Megan Woods announced today that the promised 100,000 house figure will be scrapped, and no new target will replace it.
It’s the kind of cynical “solution” that leads voters to lose faith in politics and have a low opinion of politicians.
In abandoning the promise of 100,000 affordable houses, it seems the minister wants us to believe that it was the existence of this target that was the problem, not the government’s failure to deliver.

The target wasn’t a minor aspect of the policy. It was the central aspect. Labour MPs repeated 100,000 new affordable homes time and time again.

Next year Labour will make a variety of promises about what they’ll do if given a second term. Voters would be silly to now believe them.

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