The full Labour scandals timeline

I’ve combined together timelines from both the Young indecent assault scandal and the sexual assault allegations against the staffer who works in Ardern’s office.

I thought would be a useful resource because the two are linked. They don’t only overlap in timing, but the review into the Summer Camp fiasco was meant to improve things. In fact things got worse.

A couple of things stand out. The first is that someone working for Labour was told about the sexual assault allegations almost 18 months ago.

The other is the total lack of timely action. It took 73 days for them to arrange a meeting between “Sarah” and Haworth after she complained to him. If that was an employer, he’d be in court also. And it took 118 days for the complainants to be told the outcome after they were interviewed.

Date Action
10 Feb 18 Four 16 year olds allege they were sexually assaulted by an attendee at Young Labour Summer Camp
14 Feb 18 Labour General Secretary advised of alleged sexual assaults at Youth Camp. Victims say they want Labour to contact them
Mid Feb 18 “Sarah” says she was sexually assaulted by a man employed in Jacinda Ardern’s office
4 Mar 18 Summer Camp victims approach Megan Woods after no response from Labour for 18 days
12 Mar 18 Victims go to media after dissatisfaction with Labour response
14 Mar 18 Victims lay complaints with Police
15 Mar 18 Labour announces review by Maria Berryman of summer camp allegations
17 Apr 18 Sarah informs Berryman of her allegation of sexual assault by the Ardern staffer
Jun 18 Summer Camp Accused charged with four counts of indecent assault
5 July 18 Summer Camp Accused appears in court
6 Aug 18 Sarah e-mails Labour President about the Ardern staffer
29 Aug 18 Report completed into the summer camp incidents, but not released publicly except recommendations which Labour says they will adopt
18 Oct 18 Labour arranges meeting between Sarah and Haworth – 73 days after she e-mailed him
23 Oct 18 Sarah meets Haworth and informs him of alleged sexual assault by Ardern staffer
24 Feb 19 Labour NZ Council agrees to investigate Sarah’s complaint – 129 days after she met the President
9 Mar 19 Seven complainants interviewed about the Ardern staffer
26 Apr 19 Sarah asks for an update – 48 days after her interview
6 May 19 Sarah asks for an update again
21 May 19 Haworth gives Sarah an update – 73 days after she was interviewed
15 Jun 19 NZ Council decides no action to be taken against Ardern staffer
5 Jul 19 Haworth informs complainants of decision – 20 days after it was taken and 118 days after they were interviewed
5 Aug 19 Some of the complainants go to the media who report sexual assault allegations
8 Aug 19 Some complainants go to Paula Bennett for help
4 Sep 19 Summer Camp accused does plea deal and pleads guilty to assault
8 Sep 19 Reported that complainants have been banned from certain areas of Parliament
9 Sep 19 Sarah’s account published by
10 Sep 19 Ardern claims yesterday was first she knew of the sexual assault allegations
11 Sep 19 Haworth resigns

Details taken mainly (but not exclusively) from the very useful timeline at The Spinoff.

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