Pornhub vs the Government

Newshub reports:

Pornhub says it “strongly opposes” the Government’s proposed crackdown on porn.
Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin has warned of an “avalanche of pornography” bombarding young people, and the Government is considering sweeping changes to stop kids accessing adult material.
This could include a New Zealand-wide R18 porn filter – where residents will have to provide age ID to have access to porn websites.

It’s like we’re in a timewarp back to the 90s. Filters don’t work and are a bad idea.

If the Government restricts access to sites like Pornhub, I imagine there will be a huge backlash, as Pornhub is in the top 25 sites visited by NZers.

Of interest is some stats by Pornhub about their Kiwi users.

  • 39% are female
  • Average age 39
  • Gisborne users spend longest time online
  • Most viewed categories are lesbian, MILF and threesome

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