Trudeau and Blackface

The BBC reports:

Canada’s PM has said he cannot remember how often he wore as a younger man, as a scandal deepened ahead of an election.
He was speaking after more images of him wearing black make-up when he was younger emerged.
“I am wary of being definitive about this because of the recent pictures that came out, I had not remembered,” he told reporters in Winnipeg.
The revelations have rattled his campaign in a tight election race.
Canadians will go to the polls on 21 October.
The images are so embarrassing for the prime minister because he has positioned himself as a champion of social justice, inclusivity and diversity.

He seems to have had a fetish for it as there are now three different situations where he was in blackface or brownface. Not a great fit for Mr Diversity.

With my black sense of humour I have dressed up as mass murderers and paedophiles at costume parties. Ironically that is less damaging than if I had ever worn blackface,

I did once wear redface but I wasn’t dressed as Pocahontas, I was dressed as Satan. I had red paint over my entire head, chest and limbs plus the normal trident, horns and tail.

Reactions were interesting. A couple of girls actually screamed when they saw me at the pre-party. The best reaction was from Bill English who looked at me and said “You were meant to come dressed up David”. Second best was Jonathan Hunt’s “I always thought you were a redneck”.

After the ball, we went clubbing in town. Turns out being dressed as Satan is a great way to get random strangers dancing with you 🙂

Out university hostel had an annual “reverse hop” where girls and guys would come dressed as the opposite gender. So there are probably a few photos of me dressed as a woman around. I guess today reverse hops are also deemed offensive.

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