Vegan wankers

The Herald reports:

Customers have lashed out at vegan protesters who stormed St Lukes Countdown on Sunday, disrupting shoppers in the process.
During a tense standoff, vegan activists stood in front of the meat section and held signs which said “stop eating animals” and “it’s not food, it’s violence”.

They’ve got every right in the world to protest outside the store. But they don;t have the right to do so inside the store and block people from buying the food they want.

The video shows shoppers being interfered with from buying meat, with customers losing their patience and lashing out at the protesters.

One woman can be heard shouting: “Take your camera off me, I’m doing my f**king shopping. I’m doing my shopping, unless you’re going to pay for my shopping you can f**k off.”

Good on her.

Power to anyone who chooses to be a vegan. But save us from the wankers who want to force their veganism on everyone else.

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