Well done Massey

Stuff reports:

A radical feminist banned from Twitter for violating its hateful conduct policy will panel a ticketed event hosted by Massey University in Wellington.
The event has attracted so many complaints that on Friday the university put out a public statement, acknowledging concerns, and reiterating it had a security plan and risk assessment in place. “We are closely monitoring the situation in the event of any potential issues,” the statement said. 
Meghan Murphy, a Canadian feminist blogger who believes transgender rights “nullifies women’s rights”, has been invited to speak at the campus’ theatrette in November.
She told Stuff she was pleased the university was protecting the group’s right to free speech and free expression.

This is the correct response from Massey – having a security plan in place, rather than cancelling an event because some people don’t like it.

Sounds like they have learnt a lesson.

Tallulah Farrar, College of Creative Arts Representative, said “concerning information” about the event had pushed her to lay a complaint. She “worried about the wellbeing and safety of students” if the event went ahead.

No relation of course.I love how “safety” has become the new code word to silence views people disagree with.

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