You know the ads are effective when Labour tries to ban them

Stuff reports:

The Speaker has cracked down on the use of edited Parliamentary footage for social media .
National immediately attacked the ruling from Speaker Trevor Mallard as “censorship in the extreme.”
Speaker Trevor Mallard made the ruling before Question Time on Thursday, specifically instructing National leader Simon Bridges to stop using Parliamentary TV footage for edited attack ads. …

He said it was an enforcement of existing rules around official Parliament TV footage not being used for ads, unless permission by the member speaking was given.
“Mr McAnulty’s letter highlighted the existence of a range of videos posted by different parties that use footage of members’ for political advertising. I would be very surprised if those members had given permission, as the rules require.”

The Speaker is correct the require permission by an MP for footage to be used.

But this rule has basically never been enforced before. Labour and Greens in the past ran ads against National MPs using such footage. National never complained.

But now that it is on the other foot, Labour ran crying to the Speaker.

It shows the ads must have been effective for Labour to demand they be banned.

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