Simeon’s right

Stuff reports:

The Opposition claims that a proposal for a national body for student democracy would become a taxpayer-funded training ground for future Labour MPs.
But Education Minister Chris Hipkins says the party is being “paranoid” about something which hasn’t even been selected as a final option.
The proposal for a National Centre for Student Voice was one of several options to enhance student democracy in tertiary institutions, released by the Ministry of Education earlier this year. …

National’s associate tertiary education spokesman,  – a 28-year-old MP known for his strident conservatism – said the minister should shoot down the proposal as it would just act as a “taxpayer-funded training ground for Labour Party activists”.

Simeon is absolutely right. This is Labour trying to do a stealth version of compulsory membership. But they’ll use taxpayer money to do it instead.

It will be taxpayer funded activists to help Labour MPs campaign in marginal seats.

This is why the Government will of course proceed with it.

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