Washington Post death notices

This headline from the was so bad, it has sparked it’s own Twitter hashtag of WaPoDeathNotices. So many good ones there, here are a few:

  • Jeffrey Dahmer, connoisseur of exotic and locally sourced meats, dies at 34
  • Gaius Julius Caesar, 56, noted author and Egyptologist, dies surrounded by his friends.
  • Osama bin Laden, father of 23, killed in home invasion
  • Ramsay Bolton, austere diplomat and animal caretaker, passed away at home surrounded by his dogs.
  • Acclaimed mass transit administrator Benito Mussolini, dead at 61
  • Adolf Hitler, dedicated art enthusiast, animal rights activist, and talented orator, dies at 56.
  • Robert Mugabe, founder of Modern Monetary Theory, dies at 95.
  • Ivan Milat, noted outdoorsman and driver, dies at 74.

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