Green Party submission on Standing Orders

I got too busy to do a submission to the main review of . But I see the Greens did one, so I’ll comment on some of their proposals:

  • Reform of question time: Support having a PM’s question time and also more issue of the day debates. Also support more questions to be allocated to the Opposition
  • Support having Chairs of Select Committees determined proportional to party size in the House.
  • Support having a threshold for petitions to automatically require a Government response
  • Do not support secret election of Speaker. Democracy must be open.
  • Do not support automatic introduction of members’ bills just because they have majority support as would flood members’ days. However could support if threshold was say a 2/3 supermajority
  • Do not support Parliament having to ratify treaties in advance. Is impractical and mean we would rarely negotiate a treaty
  • No problems with location of MPs trusts being disclosed
  • Agree being present at a Cabinet Committee should count as present in Parliament
  • Totally against proposal to ban lobbyists from having parliamentary swipe cards. We should make MPs and Parliament more accessible, not less. My view is that anyone who is not a security risk and has a legitimate reason to regularly visit MPs should be able to get a swipe card.
  • Quite like the suggestion to replace the bells summoning Parliament with bird calls.

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