6,000 fewer elective surgeries

The Herald reports:

For the first time in a decade, the annual number of elective surgeries performed in New Zealand has dropped.

Figures released by the Ministry of Health reveal there were almost 6000 fewer elective surgeries – procedures booked in advance as they are not an emergency – in the 2018/19 year compared to the same period the year before.

So Labour are spending more to achieve less. It’s the story of their Government. They abolished two years ago, and almost every indicator is getting worse – from vaccinations to emergency department waiting times to elective surgeries.

The Government sat on this data for five months because it is so bad for them. The number of electives increased by 55,000 under National and is shrinking under Labour.

But it isn’t just elective surgeries. Since 2017:

  • Immunisation rates down from 92.2% to 90.1%
  • Cancer patients treated on time down from 93.2% to 87.6%
  • ED patients seen within six hours down from 93.1% to 90.0%

Labour are good at announcing spending, but incompetent at ensuring it results in better outcomes for patients.

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