Aucklanders want the truth

The Herald reports:

An alliance of business and transport groups says Aucklanders are being kept in the dark about plans for light rail in the city.

The six groups have taken out their frustration in a letter to Transport Minister Phil Tywford, criticising the Government’s approach to delivering light rail.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promised at the 2016 elections to have light rail up and running to Mt Roskill within four years. Twyford promised to make an immediate start on light rail to West Auckland, only to postpone it indefinitely this year.

Another election promise that meant nothing.

Light rail is becoming an increasingly difficult problem for the Government with no business case, no firm costings and confusing messages about what the priority city to airport line is for – fast transport to the airport, relieving bus congestion in the city or a catalyst for intensification.

Two years in and there is no cost, no route, no mode and not even a sense of what it is intended for. This is a level of incompetence hard to achieve.

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