Down down down

Stuff reports:

Disproportionate rates of bullying, poor classroom environments and truancy could be reasons student achievements are in a “worrying” decline.

A global education report showed an overall decline in New Zealand’s level of readingmathematics and science since 2009 – equating a loss of about 3/4 of a year’s worth of a student’s schooling against 2009 results.

Ministry of Education Evidence, Data and Knowledge deputy secretary Dr Craig Jones said the results were cause for concern.

Data pointed to key issues in New Zealand’s education system including an alarming rise in bullying, gaps between high and low achievers, drastically deteriorating attitudes toward reading, a rise in truancy, poor learning environments and a negative attitude toward school.

They are indeed cause for concern. I’m not convinced it is just about bullying and truancy even though they are factors. I think the curriculum needs to focus more on reading, maths and science.

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