Say no to filters

Newsroom reports:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Spark NZ and Vodafone have signalled their approval of new legislation that the Government will introduce in March in order to modernise New Zealand’s censorship regime. Newsroom exclusively reported on Thursday that new measures will ban livestreaming of objectionable content; permit Government agencies to issue takedown orders and fine non-compliant websites; and create a regulatory framework for internet filtering.

That latter proposal has non-profit civil society group InternetNZ concerned, with chief executive Jordan Carter telling Newsroom, “filtering is not an effective technical solution, so it cannot solve the problem of violent extremism online”.

Filters are a terrible idea. They always start small and expand. In the first year it will only filter terrorism content. Then in year two they’ll add in hate speech. Then in year 3 they’ll add in anti-social behaviour etc etc.

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