Is a National Anthem change coming?

The Herald reports:

As the anniversary of the March 15 terror attacks in Christchurch approaches, there has been a call to change the way we sing the national anthem, God Defend New Zealand. And the has acknowledged that many people may back that call.

Hobsonville woman Fiona Downes wrote to last year saying the anthem has outdated language.

“I feel the in the first verse is arcane,” she wrote, “and that words like ‘triple star’, ‘shafts of war’ and ‘entreat’ are meaningless to many migrants with limited English, as well as most NZers under the age of 30.”

Yes we should base our on how those with limited perceive it.

Ardern agreed. She told Downes the “ is certainly a product of its time”, and advised that change “could evolve if enough people supported it”.

Translation: Once we get rid of Winston.

Downes also said she believed more people would be able to relate to “the simple and direct words of the second verse”.

The second verse has a strongly inclusive theme. It reads:

Men of every creed and race,
Gather here before Thy face,
Asking Thee to bless this place,
God defend our free land.
From dissension, envy, hate,
And corruption guard our state,
Make our country good and great,
God defend New Zealand.

The sixth line is very pertinent with the Provincial Growth Fund!

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