The NZ National Anthem

Stuff reports:

The Prime Minister has criticised those slating the tone of the , saying the process to change it would be the same as the flag referendum they have opposed. 

On Wednesday, Labour leader Andrew Little described the national anthem God Defend New Zealand as a “dirge” and said many Kiwis preferred the Australian anthem. 

If there was to be a change, I agree it should be a referendum.

I’m not a huge fan of the current anthem. But I don’t much like Advance Australia Fair either. I think the best anthems are stirring such as La Marseillaise. Even without knowing the words, I love it.

With the NZ National Anthem, I actually prefer the Maori version. Yes I don’t know all the words, but it seems to be to work much better musically. It has a rhythm to it, the English version doesn’t.

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