20,000 arrivals not being tested

The Government has been good at slogans in this crisis, but the substance is often lacking.

They claimed we were going early and hard when in fact the initial response was belated and soft – the so called voluntary isolation.

The travel restrictions when imposed were after many other countries had done them.

But the real failure has been our lack of checks at the border.

Most New Zealanders probably think our borders are closed.

have been told by a well placed source the reality is that around 6,000 people have arrived in New Zealand since they were “closed” and by end of the week it will be 20,000

Those arriving are not given health checks in airports, such as in many countries where they use thermal scanners. They are not tested for COVID-19. They are not quarantined. They are basically just given a pamphlet.

We know most of the infections are coming from overseas. We should be testing every arrival.

UPDATE: Since wrote this, the Government has finally announced there will be screening at the border, and some testing. Better late than never should be the motto for the Government’s response!

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