A more flexible suspension system

In the past we have had a system of graduated suspensions – one week, then two weeks, then four weeks, then two months etc. That is from the days when comments appeared automatically.

Now that most comments have to be approved by a moderator before they appear, we can have a more flexible system of suspensions, as the bad comments generally are not getting through.

Basically the length of a suspension will depend on how bad the offending comment or comments were. The worse they are, the longer the suspension. Also if you are a repeat offender, that will probably mean a longer suspension, but not automatically double the length of your last one.

Individual moderators will have the power to impose a suspension of between one and four weeks.

If a moderator thinks a suspension of more than four weeks is justified, then it will be referred to me for a decision.

There won’t be any central list of strikes as they are no longer automatically cascading.

If someone is constantly getting suspended, they may be banned permanently.

Also remember if you wish to avoid a delay in having your comments appear you can apply for auto approve status. This generally requires you to post under your real name or have a link in your profile to your real identity.

You can lose auto-approve status if you constantly breach the moderation policy.

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