Hate speech laws are imminent

Stuff reports:

Proposed hate speech laws for New Zealand are imminent.

Justice Andrew Little told Stuff the Government is bringing forward changes around hate speech, but shaping a had taken time.

A number of options were now “working their way through” the cabinet process, he said.

“The of our hate speech laws are in the final stages. I expect there will be an announcement in a matter of weeks.”

Be worried, be very worried.

The Commission had led some of the work with the as they wanted some of the conversation to happen away from the political fray, given it could easily be derailed with so many strongly held views, he said.

“In reality you want to have a conversation with New Zealanders about what is the right balance between the Government politicians and officials. We want society to have a conversation about this and avoid protests. You’ve got to think quite deeply and thoughtfully about it.”

So they’ve admitted they are working in secret on this because if details got out there would be protests.

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