The article is not worth reading. It is vile insanity. An extract:

A careful analysis of all available information, including a complete technical as well as military analytic review of the full video tape, suggests that this was a false flag event. We need Muslim and US white nationalist investigators on the ground to determine if anyone actually died, all indications are that no one died, this appears to have been a completely staged event managed by the Mossad in complicity with corrupt New Zealand police and national authorities, and corrupt Freemasons.

So it was the Jews and the Freemasons that did it. Or didn’t do it, just pretend to do it.

Another extract:

Just as the Zionists assassinated John F. Kennedy Junior to clear the way for Hillary Clinton to buy her Senate seat in New York, they are seeking here to help the Democrats defeat President Trump in 2020.

The Jews also killed JFK Jr!

Bad enough that Iran’s official newspaper pushed this anti-Semitic conspiracy madness, but worse to have an aspiring political party in NZ promote it and defend it.

So who is behind the RealNZ Party? It appears to be David Moffett judging by this IRL – (now inactive but on Goggle). Google Cache says:

David Founded New NZ and following much deliberation has taken a decision to rebrand to Real NZ Party. Prior to his foray into Politics he had a successful business career and was CEO of NZ Rugby, Welsh Rugby, Sanzar and NRL. Lives in North Canty with family, chooks, horses and sheep.

Now this doesn’t meet Moffett made that tweet, but it seems likely.

His party should be treated as cancerous and avoided.