Labour politicising the pandemic

Labour MPs are running ads like this up and down the country, and as paid ads on Facebook.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and Labour MPs are trying to win votes by talking about the recovery from COVID-19.

Could you imagine the outcry if National MPs were running adverts just days after the Christchurch earthquakes boasting of how well placed the recovery is.

Labour has been pretty much demanding that National not criticise anything they decide, as that is politicising an emergency – yet they think it is fine for them to run adverts seeking to gain political capital from the pandemic.

UPDATE2: Another Labour ad (they have paid to promote it)

So they’re proud of all the headlines. They’ve missed out the headlines where their response has been panned by hundreds in the medical profession, the entire teaching profession, public health professors and the former Chief Science Adviser to the PM.

UPDATE3: Not just Labour. Greens are fundraising off the pandemic:

I am about to ask you for the most important donation to our campaign this year, but first I want to tell you why it is so important.

The most significant financial decisions of this election campaign will be made on 1 April. These decisions will determine how effective and successful our campaign will be and what kind of future we will be leaving for our kids and grandkids.

In these uncertain times for our Green whānau I have an unshakable belief in us as a community. In the last two months, we have gone through a lot. So there has never been a more important time to come together as a community.That is why today I’m only asking for $3 to show your solidarity. Will you support our campaign?

So the Greens have let out of the bag another financial package on 1 April, and are using the pandemic as a fundraiser.

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