Shane will be shaking with fear

Stuff reports:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Government coalition partner Shane Jones was both “loose” and “wrong” in saying Indian students were ruining academic institutions.

Jones, NZ First MP and minister for regional  development, said “unfettered” immigration was out of control on Newshub Nation on Saturday, referring to everyone who “comes here from New Delhi”. 

This second broadside against New Zealand’s Indian community in recent months earned Jones a rebuke from Ardern on Monday. She said she would air her disagreement and ask him “to reconsider the way he talks about these issues in the future because I do not believe it is good for New Zealand”.

Ask him to reconsider????

You’re the fucking Prime Minister. You’re his boss. You can sack him. You don’t ask him to reconsider. You tell him that your Cabinet has no room for racism in it and if he wants to campaign against an entire ethnic group, he can do it as a backbench MP, but not as a member of her Government.

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