The fight in Manurewa

Stuff reports:

The Labour Party has put the contested Manurewa candidate selection process on hold amid complaints about the process.

Sitting MP Louisa Wall is being challenged by two others, lawyer Arena Williams and Ian Dunwoodie, who stood against Wall when she first won selection in 2011 after the retirement of George Hawkins.

The selection had been scheduled for Saturday March 21.

But after considering complaints, the Labour Party governing executive body, the New Zealand Council, has delayed it.

Party president Claire Szabo said the delay would be for a short period of time “while we assess the process around the selection”.

It is understood the complaint centres on newly signed up party members and whether some live outside the electorate.

The three way battle is looking to be most interesting.

Sadly I think Louisa Wall is unlikely to retain the nomination. For reasons that have never been clear to me, she is massively offside with the parliamentary leadership. She was the only experienced female MP not given a Executive or leadership role.

Dunwoodie has considerable local support with members, especially the old Hawkins loyalists. He could well win the floor vote and some of the LEC vote.

Arena Williams is supported by the party leadership. She was appointed to the Waitemata DHB at age 30 by Cabinet, which is almost unheard of for a DHB appointee. So this shows she is very good mates with one or more Ministers, and I think also the PM.

So Williams likely to get most or all of the head office vote.

Can’t predict who will win. Wall has some support. If she is knocked out, then it might depend on who here supporters end up voting for.