Health Minister moved house during Level 4!!!!

The Herald reports:

Health Minister reportedly moved house while the rest of the country was on lockdown.

Clark was spotted repeatedly between two Dunedin properties during the month-long lockdown period.

He and his family are believed to have recently moved into a new home before the country went into level 4, with the minister seen moving large furniture and appliances as the country went into the mandatory nationwide restrictions, 1 NEWS reported.

Clark’s office confirmed he was working at times during lockdown from his old house, which he still owns and said it provided a quieter work environment.

What did Level 4 rules say? The house you are in the night Level 4 started you must stay in for the duration.

This really is a new low for political stupidity. Not even Ardern’s reluctance to sack Ministers for anything short of assaulting their staff can save him. Surely he is gone.

What is even more astonishing is that we are in the middle of a 1 in 100 year global pandemic and the Minister of Health has so little to do, that he has time to move house an be carrying furniture and appliances between the two houses.

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