We need more than 48 hours notice

Stuff reports:

Kiwis will know two days before the end of the four-week lockdown period whether or not the lockdown will be extended, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced. …

She said Cabinet would make and publicise a decision about whether or not the lockdown would be extended on 20 April, two days before the forecast end date.

“It is my intention that on the 20th of April, two days before the lockdown is due to finish, Cabinet will make a decision on our next steps. That’s because we need to use the most up to date data that we have to make that decision.”

“That means, if we are ready to move to Alert Level 3 business we will have two days to implement arrangements.”

I think this shows the lack of understanding of business.

Many businesses will need more than 48 hours notice to properly re-open. There are shifts and rosters to be organised, materials and supplies to be ordered etc etc.

The Cabinet should meet twice next Week. On Tuesday they should sign off on what Level 3 will mean in detail. What it means for businesses, schools etc. And then no later than Friday they should make the decision on if we go to Level 3 the following Wednesday.

The more notice you can give, the quicker the economy can start to recover.

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