Who is Kim Yo-jong

If Kim Jong-un is dead, she is the likely next ruler of . She is only 31 years old but her brother took over when he was 27 or 28.

Like her brother she studied in Switzerland. It was hoped for him that this would make him less hostile to the West, but if anything he was worse than his father and grandfather.

She studied computer science at university. In 2018 she attended the Winter Olympics in South Korea – the first ever visit by a member of the Kim dynasty.

She had a child in 2015.

If she does become supreme leader it might be as regent for one of the children of Kim Jong-un.

Of course he may not be dead but if he doesn’t appear for the 1 May military parade that would suggest he is.

If she takes over she could well for 40 years or more. She appears to be in much better health than her male relatives.

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