Close to murder?

Richard Tranter got sentenced to eight years and three months jail for vehicular manslaughter.

The sentence is a pretty long one for vehicular manslaughter but it did make me wonder if whether the degree of sheer recklessness can ever push you over the line to murder? Probably, not but this must come close. The key details:

  • 112 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood
  • deactivated two of the vehicle’s safety systems – namely the ABS brakes and the dynamic stability control system
  • Reached a speed of somewhere between 178 and 186 kph in an 60 km/hr zone
  • undertook two vehicles
  • Was videoing his own driving with his cellphone and said ” I’m having a good night. I don’t give a fuck in the world. How about that y’all. I think I’m doing 180, I’m not quite sure. It’s alright, we’ll still pass people. Not a care in the world. I don’t give a fuck, why don’t just take the left-hand side, already, three, two, one, wooo. Fuck you. Not a care in the fucking world.
  • Then ploughed into a car at an intersection, killing the other driver

The disabling your own safety systems plus the driving at three times the speed limit while videoing your driving is basically as reckless as you can get.

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