Donations and Subscriptions

You can now donate to Kiwiblog. Such donations are entirely voluntary of course, but many people indicated they are happy to contribute.

One reader phoned me up after I posted about the economics of Kiwiblog and said he wanted to donate $1,000 which blew me away. He said he valued the forum and views I provide that much. So I thought I’d better get off my chuff and set up a bank account for Kiwiblog.

So you can donate either at the link above or in the sidebar at the top right. We can take credit cards or of course Internet banking.

In terms of “premium content” I was hoping to launch it last Friday but a certain leadership change interfered with that, and said change also led to me working pretty much all weekend on Curia business.

Anyway I finally have a spare minute and have set up my Patreon account. It is called Polling and Politics. This requires a monthly subscription (so not to be confused with the voluntary donations to Kiwiblog).

The first post has the exclusive results of a poll on the cannabis referendum. This is the only poll done since the final bill was published and I detail the results, what it means, and what the losing side needs to do to turn it around.

Tomorrow I will do the first of a regular Friday Feature called the Week in Politics where I summarise the highlights and lowlights for each of the five parliamentary parties and give them a score out of 10 for their week. The scores are 9/10, 8/10, 7/10, 6/10, and 4/10. You can guess which party gets which – or subscribe to find out.

Many thanks to those who will donate or subscribe, but also no worries if that is not for you. I do Kiwiblog because I enjoy it. I am keen to make it more financially worthwhile so I can spend more time writing, but I am committed to this site regardless of finances.