Life without parole?

Hard to read the sentencing notes of Ashley Winter and Kerry Te Amo for the murder of 17 year old Dimetrius Pairama without tearing up.

They didn’t even know her, but ran into her on the streets. They lured her to a property and (for reasons even the Judge doesn’t know) did the following:

  • Punched her face
  • Kicked her stomach
  • Stripped her naked
  • Taped her to a chair
  • Gagged her
  • Cut and shaved her head
  • Tortured her by using an aerosol can and lighter on her breasts and genital area
  • Poured milk powder and bleach over her head and eyes
  • Punched and kicked her further
  • Then when they worked out how much trouble they would be in for their actions decided to kill her
  • Gave her a choice of stabbing or hanging and hung her
  • Stuffed her body in plastic rubbish bags and a drum

The poor girl was beaten and tortured and then knew she was going to be killed. And all because these psychopaths were bored.

Neither defendent has shown any real remorse.

Ms Winter was on her second strike. Her first was attempted rape of a woman in 2014. Despite this she didn’t get life without parole as it was deemed manifestly unjust.

It seems there is almost nothing you can do that will get you life without parole. Not even being an attempted rapist and a barbaric killer.

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