National’s leadership

Most media are reporting there may be a challenge to Simon Bridges’s leadership at the next National Caucus on Tuesday.

As with any major political event I will cover it on Kiwiblog, but as has been my long standing practice I won’t share my opinions on what I think Caucus should do.

There are two main reasons for this.

  1. My company provides services to the party. I work with the party leadership, and hence that means I don’t offer views on the leadership. My job (wearing my Curia hat) is to work with them, not to select them – that is Caucus’s job.
  2. I have pretty strong relationships, both personal and professional, with the MPs involved. Some of them are good mates. I don’t crap on my mates.

My only advice to National is to not let things fester. Either confirm the leadership or change the leadership in short order, and then get on with articulating to New Zealanders that they can have a brighter future than an extra $85,000 of debt per household.

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