Paid Content Survey Results

Thanks to the 1,150 readers who responded to my survey on potential paid content.

The content that was deemed of most interest (moderate to great) in order was:

  • Regular data posts on how NZ is doing 81%
  • Exclusive polling on topical issues 72%
  • Weekly article on political week 63%
  • Interviews with MPs and others 63%
  • Analysis of upcoming bills 63%
  • Summary of interesting polls in NZ and overseas 62%

So data posts and exclusive polling on topical issues are of most interest.

How much would people be willing to pay:

  • Nothing $28%
  • $1/month $8
  • $2/month 13%
  • $3/month 12%
  • $4/month 8%
  • $5/month 31%

So I’m looking at either $4 or $5 a month.

Preferred options:

  • Donate facility on KB 70%
  • Paywall on KB for premium content 57%
  • Additional content on external site 53%
  • Micropayments on KB 29%

My thoughts at this stage are:

  • Definitely don’t do micropayments
  • Definitely allow people to donate
  • Set up a Patreon facility but yet to decide whether to integrate it into KB or have seperate
  • Have price of $4 or $5 a month

In terms of the first post, I will have exclusive poll results on how people say they will vote on the cannabis referendum – the only poll done since they published the final proposed bill.

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