The Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill

The Government has published the final version of the Legalisation and Control Bill which will go to a with the election.

The summary of it is here. Key aspects are:

  1. Allow adults aged over 20 to buy cannabis from licensed retailers
  2. Adults aged over 20 can grow 2 cannabis plants at home, to a maximum of 4 per household
  3. Adults aged over 20 can legally possess up to 14 grams (a joint has 0.3 to 1 gram generally) of dried cannabis
  4. Those under 20 who possess cannabis can get fined but not a criminal record
  5. There would be potency limits and quality standards for cannabis
  6. Cannabis products would have to show the amount of THC and CBD and recommended maximum daily limits
  7. Advertising of cannabis products would be banned
  8. Health warnings would be placed on cannabis products
  9. An excise tax based on weight and potency would be levied and would fund services to reduce harms from drug use

Looks infinitely better than the status quo I have to say.

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