$6 million for three train trips

In June 2019 media reported:

On the train, Jones held a press conference, where he described the day as a great one for Hawke’s Bay.

Jones said KiwiRail had had “so little for so long”, and the $6.2 million investment so far was a big deal, especially in relation to moving trucks off the roads.

It would also allow businesses to grow their logistics capacity, and boost exports. …

He forecast up to six trains travelling the line per week, meaning about 5000 fewer truck journeys initially, and more than 15,000 as services increased.

So the Government told us there would be six trains a week and it would replace 5,000 truck journeys.

The Herald reports the reality:

Since January 26’s first train, only two further trains have travelled down the line, and the line is “not currently in use”, a KiwiRail spokesperson said.

That was in March. Since then zero further trains.

So taxpayers have paid out $2 million per train trip. It has replaced at best 150 truck hauls which is $40,000 per truck haul.

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