Eight days and no test

One News reports:

A contact of one of our seven new positive cases is in quarantine after being moved between three separate isolation facilities in his first week, without being tested.

Todd Ealam was moved to the Jet Park Hotel today, where five of our positive cases are staying, including today’s two new cases.

They are a 59-year-old woman who travelled from Delhi, and the young child of the couple who travelled from India, who were announced as cases yesterday.

Mr Ealam was on the same packed flight from Melbourne as this week’s third new case – the man in his 60’s who originally flew from Pakistan and transited via the Australian city as well as Doha.

He’s been in New Zealand for eight days, but still hasn’t been tested for Covid-19, despite being identified as a contact.

This is not rocket science. We should be doing ideally triple checks.

  1. Proof of negative Covid-19 test to board the plane at the overseas port
  2. 2nd Covid-19 test either at arrival airport or within 24 hours
  3. 3rd Covid-19 test immediately prior to release from isolation or quarantine

We’re meant to be doing thousands of tests a day, yet we’re not doing them of those who need them the most – the arrivals.

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