A huge broken promise

Stuff reports:

The Government has conceded its flagship transport has been put on ice, again.

It had been obvious for months the project was troubled, with coalition partners NZ First openly saying it wouldn’t progress this Parliamentary term.

The Government has now conceded that the project has been axed with Transport Minister Phil Twyford saying it would be kicked back to officials after nearly three years of deliberation.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said he was “disappointed” and “frustrated” with the outcome.

This is a huge broken promise. Ardern promised it would be built and working by the end of next year.

The problem wasn’t NZ First. The problem is it took the Beehive geniuses three years to even try and decide the route and the type of rail. Stuff which should have taken three months took three years.

The project was beset by leaks from NZTA, suggesting incompetence and a lack of direction from the Beehive.

More than suggesting incompetence.

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