Leaked agenda for NZ First Candidates’ College

Stuff reports:

Arbuckle has been a Marlborough District councillor for 10 years, with three cracks at the mayoralty in that time.

He ran for NZ First in the 2017 general election, but as a late replacement.

This year, after a couple of stints at the party’s “candidates’ college”, he feels better prepared to challenge for the Kaikōura electorate.

I wonder what they teach them at their candidates’ college. Here’s my guesses:

  • How to launder money through a foundation
  • How to spot an immigrant at 100 yards
  • How not to sell policy off too cheaply
  • Who is Deputy Leader this week
  • Why Vote Racing should be larger than Vote Health
  • How to find Wogistan on a map
  • How to hire your partner as your electorate agent
  • A legal guide to claiming the maximum superannuation entitlement regardless of eligibility
  • How to create a fake identity to sign off a poll done by your wife’s polling company
  • The best way to sell residency to Chinese businessman
  • How to make $156,000 disappear

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