Assessing Biden’s VP choices

The BBC has a useful article where they assess the 12 (actually 11) women under consideration to be Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee. They rank them out of five stars for charisma, experience, fundraising ability, voter appeal and their special power (their unique appeal).

I’ve taken their data and tabled it below.

Overall Kamala Harris ranks strongest, which matches the conventional wisdom. I’ve included Michelle Obama as they did, but she doesn’t so I don’t include her in the commentary.

If charisma is most important Abrams and Bottoms are best. But I’m not sure you want a VP candidate more charismatic than the main candidate.

If it is experience then Harris and Warren are tops. This is pretty important as they are the likely presidential candidate in 2024 if they win.

Harris is seen as best with fundraising. Important but 2016 showed the biggest budget doesn’t always win. Also Biden’s campaign is now raising more than Trump’s (but starting a long way back).

If it is simply voter appeal then Demmings, but most people vote for the main candidate not No 2.

So all in all the smart money is on Kamala Harris.

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