Captain Cook Hotel gonski

The ODT reports:

Dunedin’s Captain Cook Hotel will be renamed.

The famed pub and venue will undergo a name change in the wake of and growing anti- and anti-colonial sentiments.

A post on the venue’s Facebook page, believed to be from operator Mike McLeod, tonight outlined the reasons for changing the name, saying Captain Cook was a symbol of and oppression.

I spent four years frequenting the Cook, when studying (or not) at Otago.

Cook is one the greatest explorers of his age. He mapped more of the world than any explorer before him. Judging his interactions in the 1700s by the standards of the 2000s is ridiculous.

As a property owner, McLeod has every right to rename his pub. But it is obviously being done under pressure of a global movement to impose a politically correct worldview on everyone.

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