Finally a UK Labour Leader with fortitude

The Guardian reports:

Keir Starmer is facing a showdown with the left of Labour after his decisive sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey reignited the party’s internal turmoil over the issue of antisemitism.

In a swift move, Long-Bailey was summarily dismissed as shadow education secretary for sending an approving tweet about an interview in which the actor Maxine Peake said the US police tactic of kneeling on someone’s neck was taught by the Israeli secret service.

Another version of the old “The Jews are to blame”. Good to see Starmer show no tolerance for this from one of his MPs.

Starmer is the most popular leader they have had since Blair. His approval ratings are between +20% and +30% compared to Corbyn who was -40%.

He’s also got them back up to 40% in the polls.

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