Finally after four months the Government gets serious about the border

One News reports:

A senior Defence Force official is taking charge of New Zealand’s Covid-19 quarantine procedure after it was yesterday announced a system failure allowed two cases slip through.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern outlined the changes at a press conference today, announcing that Assistant Chief of Defence Air Commodore Digby Webb will now be in charge of isolation facilities for Kiwis returning from overseas.

“Our borders and the controls at our borders must be rigorous, they must be disciplined and they must have the confidence of ministers and all of you, New Zealanders who got us here,” Ms Ardern said before outlining what Air Commodore Webb’s role will be.

“Air Commodore Webb will regularly report to ministers. As the Assistant Chief of Defence he can also seek access to our military logistics operational expertise, and if needed personnel to assist in the running of the facility.”

Basically an admission of failure. There have been multiple stories for months about people entering in NZ and never being tested for Covid-19. It took this latest incident for the Government to admit things were deficient.

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