Dems may win House, Senate and Presidency

The Cook Report has its latest electoral college forecast. They have:

  • Biden 308, Trump 187, Toss Ups 40

Trump has to win all of the toss up states and some of the Lean Democratic states.

In the Senate there are 11 competitive seats. They are:

  • North Carolina – Lean D pickup
  • Iowa – Lean D pickup
  • Maine Lean D pickup
  • Montana – Lean D pickup
  • Arizona – Lean D pickup
  • Georgia I – Lean R retain
  • Colorado – Likely D retain
  • Michigan – Lean D retain
  • Kentucky – Lean R retain
  • Alabama – Lean R pickup
  • Georgia II – Lean D pickup

So at this stage the Dems win six, lose one and that gives then 52 seats and a majority.

Finally the House:

  • Dems 221, GOP 189, Tossups 25 (need 218)

If the Democrats do win all both chambers and the presidency, they will be tempted to abolish the filibuster in the Senate so they can pass laws unimpeded.

If this occurs, this will be the price Congressional Republicans pay for their hypocrisy.

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