National’s $31 billion infrastructure package

Judith Collins has announced a massive $31 billion infrastructure package. Key details are:

  • Everything Labour has pledged except their “ghost trains” and Skypath 2
  • Four lane expressways to connect up Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga
  • Rail to Auckland Airport
  • A goal of 30 minutes for Aucklanders to get to work and no more than an hour to cross the city
  • A 2nd harbour crossing to commence construction in 2028, for both road and rail
  • $14 billion of further announcements for the lower NI and SI to come
  • Repeal the Auckland Fuel Tax
  • No increases to fuel tax or road user charges in first term
  • Open to revenue neutral congestion pricing
  • Build a NorthWest Rapid Bus Corridor and between Onehunga and CBD
  • Build a third and fourth main line for Auckland Rail

A stunningly bold and visionary package. Just imagine four lane express ways between the four major cities of Upper North Island.

The difference between two and four lanes is massive. On a two lane road all traffic moves at the pace of the slowest vehicle on it. On a four land road, traffic can and often will travel at the designated limit.

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