Reti replaces Woodhouse in Health

Stuff reports:

New National leader Judith Collins has stripped Michael Woodhouse of the health portfolio over his involvement in the COVID-19 leak.

On her first full day as leader Collins replaced Woodhouse with Shane Reti, and promoted Reti to the front bench. …

Speaking to reporters at 3pm, Collins said that Woodhouse had been given the portfolio of Pike River Recovery, and the economic portfolio of regional development, in addition to his associate finance role.

She said that she had spoken with Woodhouse about the leak, and that he had made a mistake, but she still had confidence in him. “He’s a top performer,” she said.

She had advised him that the right thing to do when he received the email from Boag was to not reply, and to tell the Health Minister immediately.

She said Reti was “delighted” to be moved to the front bench.

A well deserved promotion for Shane Reti, and politically also very useful as it allows National to move on the from fiasco over the health leaks.

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