Polly is fed up

Polly Gillespie writes:

may be vilified, tarred and feathered, stoned to death, or bombarded with messages of righteous indignation, but I’m going to go out on a fragile dying elm limb and say: I’ve had enough of “we’ve got this”.

Shut up, Jacinda. need to mention right now as you’re spitting at me, deriding me, deleting me or aghast with horror, that it’s fairly well known I hang to the left, so I’m not anti-Labour at all.

In fact, find myself in the unenviable electoral voting position of having orange marker in hand in October, with no-one to vote for. Sacrilege!

It’s been a wee while coming, but ’ve finally had enough of the platitudes, and sentimental psycho-babble. It came to a head last week when we were dished up the rehearsed response to a journalist’s question: re the “team of five million”.

The team of five million phrase is brilliant political propaganda. It is designed to make anyone disagrees with the look disloyal and to almost have people shunned as not being part of the team.

Yes, she’s a great person, an incredible communicator, and could spin any spin doctor. like Jacinda and have a particular affection for Grant Robertson and Andrew Little, but I’m just finding it irritating being spoken to like I’m a slightly IQ-deprived child. It’s starting to wear very thin. If anyone says “we’ve got this” one more time I will squeal!

My personal hated is electronic billboards on motorways telling me to be kind.

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