How is the emissions free fleet going for the Government?

The Government promised it would move the Government fleet of 15,000 vehicles to be emissions free by 2025. How is it going three years in, or 37% of the way towards the end date?

Before I answer this, I should point out the difference between policies about things you do and do not directly control. A policy on reducing a waiting list is more difficult as you don’t control all the factors such as demand, prices etc.

But a policy about making Government vehicles emissions free is very much within the control of the Government. It is not overly complicated. You just tell agencies you want then to do it, at this pace.

So anyway how are Labour doing. There are 15,870 vehicles in the Government fleet. To be on track for 2025 you would expect around 6,000 vehicles to now be emissions free (ie electric). Even a result of say 4,000 or so would be pretty decent progress, allowing for faster uptake in the final five years.

The actual result is 108 vehicles or 0.68% of the fleet. Yes 0.68%. Not 6.8%. In three years they have managed almost nothing.

People need to understand Kiwibuild is not an aberration. It is the norm in terms of delivery vs rhetoric.

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